Dr. Artemis Morris

                                        Dr. Artemis Morris


Dr. Artemis Morris completed her Naturopathic Doctorate at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Artemis Morris is licensed and board certified in Naturopathic Medicine. She also has a Masters in Acupuncture from Bastyr University, is a licensed Acupuncturist, and holds a Diploma from the NCCAOM.  She choose to become a Naturopathic physician because it addresses the cause of disease, is the only general practice medical school training that includes clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, a holistic approach to medicine, and is patient-centered. Dr. Artemis believes in a personalized, integrative approach to medicine where her patients get the best of both modern conventional medicine and expert advice in natural medicine.


While at Bastyr Naturopathic Medical school Dr. Artemis contributed to research in ethnobotanical medicine. Research has continued to be one of her passions, as she has studied ethnobotanical medicine and edible plants used in the Mediterranean diet for Diabetes through a doctoral program at The University of Lancaster in the UK and did a clinical study on the traditional Mediterranean diet at her practice in New Haven, CT. Her current areas of research include the microbiome in women's health and the clinical applications of the Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Artemis Morris is author of The Anti-inflammation Diet for Dummies and has written numerous research articles for professional publications, including a review article on the vaginal microbiome and its role in fertility, pregnancy, and preterm labor. Dr Artemis' approach to women's health is based on combining the best of ancient healing practices and modern medical research. 

Dr. Artemis enjoys lecturing for a wide range of audiences. She is a sought-after public speaker in topics that range from women's health for the Women's Integrative Health Conference through Symposia Medicus, clinical nutrition, The Mediterranean Diet, nutritional supplements, Acupuncture and eastern medicine and various integrative medicine topics. 


Dr. Artemis is the founder of Artemis Wellness Center, a culmination of her 15 plus years as a clinician, researcher, writer, and lecturer in women's health and wellness. At Artemis Wellness Center she offers memberships, programs, and packages in fertility, menopause, menstrual disorders that a culmination of her professional and personal experiences that she brings to a wider audience. She is the director and founder of Revive Wellness Center, a multidisciplinary collaborative medical practice. She has served as the director of the holistic wellness center at Masonic Healthcare Center, the largest non-profit geriatric center in CT. She taught Traditional Chinese Medicine for a Masters Program at Stamford Hospital and at the Open Center in NY. Dr Artemis taught advanced clinical nutrition at the University of Bridgeport’s Naturopathic Medical School. She is currently teaching for the Master’s in Clinical Nutrition Program at the University of Bridgeports’ Human Nutrition Institute . She is dedicated to educating her patients, colleagues, and the general public about natural medicine and creating collaboration in the medical community for optimal healthcare.

Dr. Artemis Morris is also academic co-director with Dr. Bernie Siegal for the Masters of Arts Degree in Integrative Health and Healing Program at The Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT.


In addition to general family practice, her specialties include women’s health care (PCOS, Endometriosis, Dysmenorrhea, fibroids,  interstitial cystitis, chronic yeast infections, etc), fertility, candida, Diabetes prevention and management, heart and cardiovascular disease prevention and management, clinical nutrition, autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression and stress management, dermatology, and Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture. She is a charter member of the fertile soul work by Randine Lewis, phD, L.Ac. She supports her patients in their healing process by utilizing a combination of advanced conventional medical diagnostic assessment and testing, sophisticated naturopathic clinical tools, and time-tested traditional natural therapies, such as, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, and Acupuncture. Dr. Artemis addresses the cause of illness while relieving the symptoms using natural methods.  She believes that everyone has the potential to achieve optimal health and wellness using the healing power of nature.

For more information go to https://www.drartemis.com