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Integrative medicine at its best delivered by licensed and credentialed physicians.

In this current healthcare environment where everyone is an “expert”, the physicians at Artemis Wellness Center truly have the education, experience, and integrity in the field of integrative medicine to help you feel and be your best. As functional medicine providers, naturopathic physicians and licensed acupuncturists we are trained in nutrition and wellness. Our integrative treatment plans combine the best of modern medicine, clinical nutrition, acupuncture, expert advice on herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, and lifestyle guidance unique to you. 


Smart & sustainable so you can save.

Artemis Wellness Center is designed for people who want a holistic approach, smarter diagnostics and a partner in health. We help people understand how their bodies work so that they can achieve lasting, sustainable health. This approach can save you thousands of dollars each year by limiting unnecessary medical spending and focusing on treating the cause not just the symptoms for optimal results and the best in preventative healthcare.


We focus on you.

Artemis Wellness Center has designed membership packages and programs to provide you with the care you need to succeed in your health and wellness. While the average doctor manages over 2000 patients, offering specialized membership packages and programs allows us to limit our practice, freeing up our time to be fully present and connected with you.

Our approach allows us to have the opportunity to work together in a committed, dedicated partnership. Our membership packages and programs are designed with YOU in mind and are based on simplicity and price transparency, to give you quality care without surprises. 

We treat individually and design with you tailored plans rich in nutritional, medical, and lifestyle guidance unique to you.

                       Dr. Artemis Morris                   photo credit Kristina Foreman                               

                      Dr. Artemis Morris

               photo credit Kristina Foreman